40 years out in the wilderness gives an incredible knowledge

40 år i skogen ger ovärderlig kunskap

 From just being extremely interested in hunting to becoming a product developer of hunting clothes 

 The passion for hunting 

I should probably call myself a hunting omnivore at least from the beginning of my hunting career. Growing up on a large farm in Värmland, nature, fishing and hunting were on the doorstep. My first years out in the woods and fields were spent with fishing rods, but it was when I got to go on my first hunts that I really felt that this was something for me. As the years and experiences were added, I also got to experience the interaction between dog and human, which added another dimension to the hunt and all the forms of hunting you can practice. And there I am still, hunting and dogs are my biggest and really only interest.

Active hunting

 From the beginning of my hunting career, I have enjoyed passports as much as moving in the woods and on the ground. But the last 25 years of my life I have become more restless and want an active part in the hunt, printed, I have become a lousy pass shooter in recent years. A central part of the hunting practice is to have good or at least the right things to cope with the hunting day. The more I hunt, the more I realize how good clothes you use can enhance an experience / versus bad clothes you use can lower an otherwise good experience. 


My dream

From that, the gut feeling is fantastic that Bearskin dares to take the step towards specialized hunting clothes that maintain an extra high level both in quality and design and that we have finally been able to take the time to think through, evaluate and try different solutions until the whole team are satisfied with the product. My dream is still that Bearskin should be so innovative and innovative that those who have not already seen our products should think, that jacket or pants I want. I sincerely hope that the thousands of hunting days I put into a fantastic interest resonate in the products we deliver in the years to come.