Lex - hunter and product developer


Growing up in Gothenburg's archipelago offered both freedom and fishing, but hunting came in handy much later. Now I live on the east coast instead but hunt like every day is the last. I discovered hunting relatively late in life, but everything I hunted before has ultimately led to just hunting. If forced to choose, I would say loose dog hunting for ungulates, but with that said, it would be remiss not to describe my passion for hunting in a little more detail. I am constantly looking for those moments in life when nothing but the here and now feels relevant. It can be a moment with the family or an evening at a lake, but no matter what, I often describe it to myself as "if I die now, I won't miss anything". I seek and often find that feeling and experience through hunting, and it is at least as often a solitary moment sneaking up on game as when I experience harmony in working together with my dog towards common goals. So, all hunting is very valuable to me. My life is enriched by nature, excitement and experiences. I love hardships, toil, peace and community.

I usually hunt in central Sweden and usually elk and wild boar with a dog, preferably with my own, but I also often hunt wild boar, roe deer, forest birds and foxes without a dog. I feel young in hunting and always hungry for new experiences and more knowledge. 

As a person, I have a certain trait of "zooming in syndrome" and find it difficult to settle for anything other than good skills, knowledge and a positive attitude. It leads to a thirst for knowledge and that I find it difficult to settle for "just enough". Likewise, I have an inner drive to improve and challenge myself. Although I usually have the privilege of being able to learn and be inspired by others, I think that it is sometimes a strength to be new to hunting and to question or be curious.

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