Battue what is it? 

Battue is for many hunters what hunting is all about as it offers both excitement and high pace. Battue is one of the most common hunts, especially in the southern half of Sweden. Battue is a form of hunting that involves driving of game towards hunters by beaters. The shooters are placed on stand and there are often several dog handlers and shooters on the ground at the same time. You often sit as a stand shooter in a hunting tower to get a good overview, but also to get as good a bullet catch as possible.
Battue is held by the hunt leader, who usually has a review before each sowing. Since there is a lot of movement in the forest, both by animals and dog handlers, safety is very important, there are many aspects to take into account, such as prohibited shooting directions. In addition, this, as well as the assessment of whether the game is slidable or not, must be caught in often fast shooting situations at short range.


Battue can look very different, depending on which game is to be hunted and what the ground looks like. The choice of weapon and ammunition is governed by which animals are to be hunted and the most common is that bullet weapons are used in gear hunting of ungulates, while hail is common in gear hunting of small game. When hunting with a bullet, low-magnification sight, or red dot sight without magnification at all, is often preferred.


Battue as a pass shooter 

As a pass shooter, you often stand still on your pass during the whole sowing, which makes it easy to get cold, especially during the winter. Therefore, make sure to dress extra warm for this type of hunt. However, there are battues such as hare hunting where you can often move freely in passes. Most important of all, however, is probably to choose a low-magnifying sight that gives you the opportunity to shoot even at short distances.
Battue is allowed at different times of the year, depending on which game is hunted and where in the country the hunt is conducted. However, most game hunted is legal from the beginning of October to the beginning of February. Battue takes place only during the day.


As a dog handler or driver it is important to dress light and easy in order to get around the forest efficiently. It is also important to have a pair of sturdy and waterproof boots, or high boots. It is e.g. not uncommon to end up in the reeds to bump into wild boar. As a dog handler, it can also be good to have a slightly shorter rifle that is more flexible in the forest. Of course, a hunting knife and towline must always be brought so that the game can be transported back to the slaughterhouse. 


 Good luck 

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