Badger hunt with standing dog.

Grävlingsjakt med ställande hund.

 Badger hunting with barking dog. 

 The hunt for a badger with a barking dog starts 21/8.
The dog breeds that are most commonly associated with badger hunting with stallion dogs are tip breeds of various kinds, but really most dog breeds can be used to do that job. Examples are dusters of different breeds, Labrador and Wachtelhund.

As the badger is nocturnal, hunting usually takes place during the dark hours, so a good headlamp with adjustable strength is recommended. Adjustable strength is preferable as strong light can be annoying to the eyes for a long time when moving around in search of badgers.
The normally most effective way to find a badger is usually to either let go of the dog at an inhabited badger pot or to let go of the dog where the badger is foraging. Oat fields are usually a hotspot when the oats have ripened, which is usually in August.

Chasing a dog on a badger.

Most dogs with a bit of a hunting interest are usually quite easy to turn on badgers.
However, you have to reckon with the fact that the untried and / or young dog will often not stop the badger but only pursue it to a cauldron or sometimes a road drum. The phenomenon usually comes from the dog not daring to lie so close that the badger considers it necessary to have to stop and defend itself, but rushes down to the shelter. For many dogs, however, the courage grows with experience and after a while they start to stop the badger.
A good piece of advice might be to hunt towards the end of September / beginning of October if the dog has difficulty stopping the badger earlier in the season, the badger is then much fatter and is easier to stand on.

Is the badger pot inhabited or not

If you are unsure if the pot is inhabited, it is a good idea to look for the badger toilet that is outside the pot. This is a pit that the badger digs and then poops in. There you can see if the feces are fresh and what it is currently feeding on. This in turn provides guidance on where it has its food search and consequently where to go with your dog on a search if the dog does not take the trail from the pot.

When the dog has a skull on the badger.

In badger hunting with a standing dog, greater care is seldom needed when sneaking, but usually the badger is backed up against a boulder or tree as long as the dog barks at it.
The capture is most easily done with a saloon rifle or cauldron gun in caliber 5.6 * 15R.
The bullet is aimed at the brain or in the middle between the shoulder blades straight from the top depending on the chance of shooting. When hunting badgers with a standing dog, it is recommended that shots be fired at close range, the muzzle 1-10 cm from the badger as the dog can be very close.

Good luck with a nice hunting form / Rasmus

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