Hunting with working terriers


Dog Types

 Dogs that are normally used for this type of hunting are German hunting terriers, border terriers, smooth-haired fox terriers, parson jack russel terriers, jack russel terriers and smooth-haired and rough-haired dachshunds. Since all of these breeds have been used for pot hunting for a long time, there are suitable individuals there regardless of breed. 

Working methods of the dog

It is not always possible to hunt both foxes and badgers with the same dog as the working method differs markedly between the hunting methods. One is based on getting the fox to leave the pot and the other hunting method is based on wanting to make the badger feel safe in a place in the pot so that you can dig down to the place in peace and quiet. However, some dogs change working methods depending on the species and can be used for both parts successfully.

Hunting methods

Fox Bouncer, Fox Hunt

There are 2 different types of pot hunting. One is to hunt in a cauldron with so-called fox blowers, which has the task of using its behavior to make the fox want to escape the cauldron to a safer place elsewhere. The hunter's task is to stand right outside the pot and try with a well-aimed shot to trap the fox.

Forliggare (badger hunting)

 The second type of pot hunting focuses on the badger, the pot dog's way of working focuses on putting the badger underground. The dog owner's task is to locate the potty dog under the ground where it barks at the badger and dig / spit down to the place where the dog is. The ambition is usually to get down about 2-4 dm behind the head on where the dog's head is, if you get down too close to the badger, it usually tries to leave the place (go loose) to another part of the pot and a new impact needs to be made. The badger is captured there with a pot revolver or saloon rifle in caliber 5.6 * 15R. For more detailed descriptions, see videos on Bearskin`s youtube channel that deals with the subject of pot hunting. 

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