Hunting for badgers

Grytjakt på grävling

 Working terriers on badgers. 

Hunting of badgers is usually used with working terriers, the breed is usually the most common dog breeds such as smooth-haired fox terrier, German hunting terrier, Border terrier, Jack russel terrier and smooth or rough-haired dachshund. In addition, there are also lesser known potty dog breeds such as Patterdale terriers and coarse-haired fox terriers. Regardless of breed, the working method is the same, the potty dog must find the badger underground and place it. It is not desirable for the dog to break his work in front of the badger as the badger can change places in the pot if the dog "releases the contact". The badger usually stays in a so-called "blind alley" and this is usually where the dog gets bald. Blindness means that the aisle ends there, usually the aisle ends with a burrow that is isolated with grass or the like.
While the cauldron is working in front of the badger, it is the task of the human participants to locate the cauldron underground and get down to the dog. The localization is done with guidance of the dog's barking on the badger or with the help of pot holders. Surveillance dogs are available, for example, from the Deben brand or the avalanche transmitter Bellman & amp; Flint.
The so-called impact is preferably made 3-4 dm behind the dog's head, which means in practice that you should get down on the dog's buttocks. Why it is important to end up where  is because when you break through the aisle where the pothole and the badger are, you do not want to get too close to the badger, which can then become anxious and move away in the cauldron. And then a new precipitation needs to start where the badger has moved.

The impact is carried out with perfect precision, soon the dog is lifted up and connected and a shovel is stuck in the hole.

The skewer is pushed into the ground above the badger, the cauldron gun ready.

The badger looks out and is killed.

Pitch hunting badger, rules of procedure.

The pothole dog is released at the pothole and is allowed to search down and make contact with the badger. When contact occurs, the badger usually moves around in the pot to try to lure the dog away. After a while, there is usually a stop, usually at the far end of a side aisle with a burrow. The manor with the dog is started and located by the hunters.
A good piece of advice might be to let it bark for about 5-15 minutes to see that the badger / dog does not change places.
When it has been established that the dog is still lying and barking, the beating begins.
tools that are good to have are: large shovel, foldable shovel (model Swedish arm shovel), hoe, crowbar, ax, skewer and flashlight and capture weapon (cauldron gun or short saloon rifle in caliber 5.6 * 15R).
Depending on the depth to the dog, you should always assume that you need leeway when digging the hole, a small indication is usually that the beginning of the impact should be as wide as the depth to the dog. The depth of the dog can vary from 1 dm to 3 m.
When you have come down the cauldron, it is of the utmost importance that sand and soil are removed behind the dog so that it has a chance to back up if the badger makes a fall. The dog is connected as soon as you get the shovel down between the badger and the dog. Sand and soil are then removed so that you have a view of where the badger is. If the pot is not too deep, it is often enough to use a skewer that you stick into the ground above where the badger is located, usually it is enough for it to look forward and be killed.
An important piece of advice is that many times there is more than one badger in the same place, so when one is shot, more can follow.

Hope I made you interested in trying a really nice hunting form / Rasmus

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Jonas Hellberg

Jonas Hellberg

January 29, 2023


Jag har en foxterrier som är två år. Han vill inte gå in i gryt och när han har blivit presenterad för grävling så skäller han bara en liten stund.

Ska jag ge upp eller kan han bara gör omogen en ?

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