Marten hunting with a dog, part 1.

Mårdjakt med hund, del 1.

The fact that the marten is a large predator on forest birds is noticeable when tracking marten, forest bird eggs and remains of forest birds edging the marten's path in the area. Not only is the marten a fantastic game to hunt, you also make a great game management benefit at the same time.
Marten hunting with a dog usually takes place traditionally with Finnish tip, Norrbotten tip and east / west lake. But in today's situation, dusters of most breeds are also used successfully in marten hunting. Regardless of breed, it simplifies if the dog takes the trail to the marten daily.
Mården's daily can be squirrel nests, hollow trees, bird nests or in soil / stone pot in the ground. Houses can also be used as daily, where the marten can cause great damage by tearing insulation out of walls and ceilings and, in the absolute worst case, pulling food storage into the spaces.
Marten hunting can be done alone, but it definitely has an advantage if you are 2. If it is to be dug, it is often a good plan to dig until you start to get hot (not sweaty) and then switch to a new digger, and so on. you take turns until you are done.  

 The marten is relatively easily blown out of its daily routine no matter where it is, as long as you can locate the marten's location and movements above or below ground (often with the help of a dog), you can also get it to change trees or leave the pot in the ground.
Some dogs really want to hunt marten by themselves while others need to learn that it pays to track them down in the same way that some dogs stop at pots / trees in which the marten has disappeared.
Mårdjakt is a learning process for the dog that you can count on some people grasping directly and other dogs need more work / time to learn, and some dogs never really take in and make use of.

Dog hunting on bare ground, raccoon hunting on bare ground.

If you are chasing a dog on bare ground, thankfully there are aids today such as MMS cameras, without knowing if the marten has been on the spot, everything will be a chance. But with baits out and MMS cameras, you know that there was a marten on the spot and time. First you can be in place quickly so the young dog gets a chance to find the marten easily, then you can drag out the time to release to get the dog to focus and sort more among the tracks. The end result is not that the dog should be spoiled with hot tracks but that it should try to work on all the marten types found by it throughout life.

Chasing a dog on snow, raccoon hunting on snow.

If you chase a dog in on snow, you always have the advantage of being able to help the dog to the right place, the dog can simply follow along while you track the marten until you catch up. If the dog wants to track, that's fine, but no disaster if it is not the worst interested in the beginning. The dog probably has no expectation of what it gives to follow the trail, that part usually comes after some successful marten hunts.

If the marten went up in the trees!

Regardless of whether you or your dog has traced to a tree in which the trace disappears, it is rare to have a dog that marks exactly the tree the marten is in, unless it is in the tree it has climbed (which is rarely the case ).
When marten tracking, it is rare to take a track and follow it from punk A to B as a simple straight run. the experienced. On occasions when you come across lots of tracks that start from one point, it can either be a storeroom that the marten visited during the night or it is a daycare place, or both. This is where you need to count and derail to be sure that the marten is there or not.
First you need to know where it has come from to be sure, an even number of in and out tracks can mean everything from the marten lying on the spot and going out on its hunting trip to lie down there again until it just passed by and is in a completely different place. If you have a dog, it can mark in the ground, but a word of warning is that you can also waste a lot of time unnecessarily by trusting the dog without counting tracks.
When you follow the marten track, you usually hook on the crossing track if there is one so as to avoid going out the whole run and still cross your own track a few hours later. It is in this way that you try to hinder the night battle to the place where the marten is, if you follow the whole night battle, it is rare to come to the marten daily before it is dark. If there are several marten in the area, you should follow the track without bothering at intersections, the chance of switching to another marten is great otherwise.

More about raccoon hunting with a dog will be in the next section / Rasmus

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