Next generation hunting clothes

Nästa generations jaktkläder

Today, we thought we'd take you behind the scenes and show you how we at Bearskin work from idea to finished product. By sharing our process, we hope to give you a better understanding of how we think when it comes to quality and sustainability, and what it takes to create high-quality products that meet both our and our customers' high standards.

Identifying Market Needs

Our pursuit of offering the highest quality and manufacturing products that solve your problems is an ongoing process, and we work tirelessly to identify needs.

By being attentive to our own reflections, internal feedback, and constantly following industry developments, we strive to continuously improve and optimize our products. We want to identify things we lack or see opportunities to improve. One need we identified, which subsequently led to the development of our Cordura Style collection, was hunting clothes without membranes. Our goal was to create clothing with properties such as quick drying, breathability, lightness, and silence.

If we identify needs that we currently cannot fulfill due to quality or pricing reasons, we prefer to be honest and recommend our customers to use competitors' products instead.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience possible, whether it means using our own products or finding the best alternatives on the market.


From Idea to Finished Product

Our main purpose is not only to create products that work well but also products that are sustainable and reduce our environmental impact. To take a big step away from anything related to fast fashion. To achieve this, material choice is a crucial part where we consider both function and lifespan.
When developing a product, we focus on making it work optimally for you as a customer. Factors such as sound, durability, breathability, and colors are with us at every step of the initial process. But we also place great importance on reducing our environmental impact by considering transportation, supplier manufacturing processes, content, and what happens to the product when it is consumed or worn out.
In some cases, we may choose materials that are as defensible as possible based on function, while longevity and thus the environmental footprint are decisive in other cases. We always make careful choices based on facts and data that we collect by learning more, finding suppliers, and testing new materials. We always strive to use the most sustainable materials available on the market, both to offer you as a customer a product that is durable, long-lasting, and saves you money, but also to be fair to the environment.
Going from an idea to a finished product is a long process that requires a lot of work and commitment. But for us, it's worth it, because we believe we can make a real difference for both our customers and the planet.

Quality Assurance

We always strive to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers, and to achieve this, we have thorough quality assurance.

First, we start by brainstorming product ideas, and then we create prototypes and samples to test and evaluate the product under different conditions depending on its area of use. We are receptive to feedback from our ambassadors and customers and use this feedback to identify any improvements and adjustments that can be made to enhance the product. Then we enter a pre-production phase where we produce samples and carry out a thorough quality control before production begins.

Through this process, we can ensure that every product we send to market meets our high quality standards and that we deliver products that we can proudly say we are proud of.

With an Attentive Ear and Self-Critical Thinking

Self-critical thinking is a central part of our product development process, and we are always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement from our ambassadors and customers. We see our ambassadors as an important part of our development process and are pleased to have so many dedicated individuals with different backgrounds and experiences helping us develop and improve our products.
We also make sure to consider your feedback, which we receive through social media, customer emails, and trade shows. By listening to you as a customer and our ambassadors, we can learn more about your needs and preferences and adapt our products accordingly.
But we don't just rely on feedback from others; we are avid hunters ourselves and continuously test our products in practice to see how they perform in different environments and situations. We critically review our own products and see this as an important part of our efforts to develop high-quality products that meet your needs and expectations.


Products that Have Undergone Our Development Process

A clear example of our development process is the Cordura Style, a collection designed and developed during 2021 and 2022.

We tested it throughout the 2022 season, including in collaboration with Toppenjakt, who used the entire Nr. 1 Collection during wild reindeer hunting. This collaboration also resulted in a fantasticfilmshowing the high quality and performance of the products.


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Patrik Ivarsson

Patrik Ivarsson

April 21, 2023

är jätte’ nöjd med Bib’n.
Har bara använt dom hemma a änn så länge. En sak måste ni kolla på dom, endan på sido dragkedjan är vass och rev sönder mina Ullfrotte kläder!
Dom vanliga hade jag hem en vända men alldeles för tajta i midjan samt långa ben (även Bib’n kanske något långa) , inte riktigt proposition som Medium. Jag har alltid Medium, är 181cm och 78 kilo inte tjock men då jag är snart 62 så lite mjukare i midjan!

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