Sneak hunting, what is it and why do you do it? 

Sneak hunting is conducted depending on the game type and season. For example, the hunt for roe deer can be conducted both as stealth hunting and watch hunting. It is not entirely uncommon for you to sneak up on certain parts of a terrain on your way to an intended pass where you intend to sit for a long time. Otherwise, the form of hunting can be conducted on most of Sweden's game species. Sneaky hunting almost always feeds on the use of quiet, rust-free clothes with the right color for the surroundings, otherwise the animals will usually notice the approaching hunter. The hunting form is well suited for those who do not like to sit still for long periods of time but rather have an active role in seeking out prey.


Weapon Choice

When sneaking, you usually choose very good precision and stability before a weapon that is easy to carry but which usually offers poorer stability to shoot with. A heavier weapon is usually preferred with a high-magnifying binocular sight that offers good opportunities for safe shots. Depending on the type of game, you use a caliber with the right class affiliation for the game you are referring to. The use of binoculars in stealth hunting is a success factor. As it is perceived much less by the game when you look slowly forward with one, as opposed to having to raise the rifle every time you see something suspicious that needs to be checked out.
When sneaking, you should keep in mind that hands and face should preferably not be visible, it can be much easier to mask yourself with face nets and gloves than to smear yourself with camouflage paint, but both ways work. The important thing is that the animal you are sneaking on does not perceive you and your movements.

Stealth hunting - to think about

When you sneak, take your time, if you are in a hurry, you will destroy more situations than you create by being in a hurry. Stay protected as much as possible, avoid open spaces. Wear clothes and shoes that are quiet to move in.

Good luck! 


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