Top bird hunting, choice of ammunition. Part 1

Toppfågeljakt, val av ammunition. Del 1

Top bird hunting

Choice of ammunition

In top bird hunting, I have at the beginning of my hunting career used Norma silver torpedo in caliber 6.5 55, however, I experienced that too many birds flew from there and the search became difficult as the bird bled very little. The silver torpedo ball is very pointed and leaves some energy in the bird.

The hunt for a better bullet for top bird hunting progressed and also Norma`s blunt practice ammunition 5.2 gram bullet   in 6.5 55 was tested for a while. However, the trajectory of the bullet was very poor with regard to the design of the bullet (short and blunt = poor flight properties). The next step was Norma's 6.5 gram hole tip bullet in 6.5 55 to master the top bird hunt, which worked better than the previous ones, but it felt like there should be better bullets out there. After some thought and calling to people with knowledge of the subject (internet was unusual at the time), I finally came to try the ammunition that the field and the track shooters used to master long distances and crosswinds on top bird hunting.

The goal is to deliver a bullet to a certain point as far away as possible, regardless of whether you are a field shooter or a top bird hunter.

The ball was then called Norma Elit 9.1 grams and was a hole-point ball and now most things started to be true in the top bird hunt. Norma later came up with the Diamondline ball, which was also very good for top bird hunting. Nowadays I use Norma`s Diamondline 8.4 grams and Lapua scenes 7.8 grams for top bird hunting, which is the better of the two I honestly do not know because both have worked very well for top bird hunting. In both cases, I have chosen the ammunition that has an output speed around 830 m / s as I think that the faster charge that is also available can destroy more on the bird if it gets close.



In the past, I shot in my bouncer with selected top bird ammunition before I went on a top bird hunt in the middle of the 150 m dot.
At 90-120 m you had to keep a little low (about 3-4 cm) and out to 180 a little high (about 4 cm). When you then came out at a distance exceeding 200 m, it started to feel a little more like a guess as without a distance meter you were a little unsure of the distance to the top bird to say the least.
The use of distance meters and target funnels on the binocular sight has eliminated the source of error with exact distance and expected hit during top bird hunting. However, the preparatory work is crucial when it comes to test firing ammunition on the runway, and needs to be carefully compared with the numbers or shooting apps that indicate how much to screw on the sight to hit right at the measured distance.

From the left. Some of the bullets I have used in top bird hunting since the 90's.
Norma silvertorped. Helmet. 9.0 grams
Norma exercise ammunition. Helmet. 5.2 grams
Norma exercise ammunition. Hole tip. 6.5 grams
Lapua scenes. Hole tip 7.8 grams
Norma diamondline. Hole tip. 8.4 grams

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Kent Barsk

Kent Barsk

February 01, 2022

Oj oj. Tänk om man hade all denna kunskap om trädskällarjakt o toppfågel när man började på 80talet. Vore nog allergisk mot tjäder nu😄

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