Wolf hunting with patchwork, part 2.

Vargjakt med lapptyg, del 2.

Patchwork, what is it?

In short, patchwork is a rope with flags (sewn, tied or glued)  &  at a certain distance (about 80 cm) between them. The flags are usually 25 cm * 6 cm approximately and red in color, however, it works just as well with plastic tape that is uv resistant. The patchwork fabric is often stored in plastic bags with scented spruces and / or perfume to make the patchwork fabric smell "dangerous" even more.
The line does not have to be of any specific material, but on the other hand it should not suck water or be too heavy in itself as it then likes to hang down.  If the rope is heavy and wants to hang down, many supports / suspensions are needed, which in turn slows down the work when the wolf / wolves are ringed and the patchwork is hung around them.
When you pull out the fabric, there is usually 1 person with a carrying knife / roller where the fabric is rolled up, he is also the one who chooses where the fabric is pulled out. Followed by 1-2 people who hang the fabric in tree branches and tighten it as you go forward. With open surfaces, these "hangers" can carve sticks that will keep the fabric at the right height. After the road, plastic fence posts can be used to great advantage. If possible, you usually hang on the outside after roads, because if the wolf comes to the road to cross it from the inside, it should be easier to see the fabric, often the vegetation grows densely on the sides of the road. A roll of patchwork fabric usually wears 1-2 km of fabric.

The wolf is on the right side in the picture.

During the night, the wolf went forward and inspected the patchwork fabric without daring to pass.


 How to hang patchwork 

There are some very important clues that one should follow for patchwork to work.
The most important thing is that the patchwork fabric should always hang at eye level on the wolf, if you have that in mind, it will usually be right. Snow depth and how the snow carries the wolf determines in many ways the height of the patchwork fabric. The height should be such that the wolf does not dare to crawl under or jump over the patchwork fabric.
When pulling out the fabric, you should avoid blocky terrain as the wolf can jump on rocks over the fabric or crawl between rocks under the fabric. At ditches and brooks, you may need to weigh down the patch fabric so that it always follows the rule, eye level on the wolf.
Patchwork should be hung where it is visible to the wolf, young forests and dense shrubbery are not a good place for patchwork. Rather hang outside the seal even if it means a detour. The wolf should be able to detect the patch fabric of at least 15 m, so that if it comes at full speed it will have time to pick up the patch fabric and turn it over. If you have to hang in dense vegetation, you can reinforce the impression of something new and dangerous a bit by knocking snow out of trees and taking down the nearest trees against the patchwork fabric. At certain times, you also usually walk about 10 m on the inside of the patchwork cloth and pull a diesel-soaked cloth behind you to reinforce the impression of something unknown and dangerous to the wolf.

 When the hunt begins  

I often prefer 2 people for each expected wolf inside the patch fabric. There are usually lots of tracks inside the ring as the wolves move during the night to try to find a way out. As you follow the tracks inside the ring, you split up and take the tracks that exist until you encounter the wolves, then you just have to hang on and hope that it goes in the pass with one of the pass shooters or one of the shooters who comes with a bit behind the groove inside the ring. If one of the "trailer shooters" sees the wolf inside the ring, it hooks on instead of the one who first followed the wolf, thus saving time. When you have followed the wolves for a while and there are footprints a bit everywhere in the ring, it is not uncommon to let dogs who can put a little more pressure on the wolf, However, I am careful to let go if I know that there are several wolves initially in the ring .

Hope these lines have helped you to a successful result when you hang patchwork around wolves
/ Rasmus


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