Buck hunting

When can you go buck hunting?

For the roe deer hunters, the season starts 16/8 in Sweden. Even though the heat has subsided, it is still possible to attract the bucks if you attract in the right way. It is worth remembering that the interest in the lure sounds decreases quite quickly, so its best to be out at the beginning of the premiere. One of the most important things when buck hunting is that you need to be well camouflaged, as the buck is on your lid and thus is very concentrated on your position, so it actively searches for the sound exactly where you are. The shooting position can come quickly and close if you lure in forest terrain but also disappear just as quickly if you are discovered. 

Buck hunting, sneaking and decoy hunting

If you do not want to do your buck hunting as decoy/watch hunting, a good way can be to wait at the game trails that the bucks use when patrolling their territory. You do not have to be as well camouflaged when you sit, but the roe deer looks good, hears well and has a good sense of smell so all aspects need to be taken into account. At the beginning of the season, the goats are active almost at any time of the day, so it may be worthwhile to stay awake even in the middle of the day. Otherwise, it is traditional early morning and late evening. Not too often, the territorial buck comes out on the openings either when it is a little too dark in the evening or disappears into the darkness of the forest before it gets bright enough in the morning to be able to shoot.

Where should I look for the buck?

One way to succeed with your buck hunt is to follow game trails and search for buck sweeps before the hunt starts. The sweeps occur when the roe deer rubs its horns against trees and shrubs, which then become worn and in some cases get damaged. The freshness of the damage usually guides me how interesting the place is for a visit. The bucks like to pass these places often and this is also where it can be worthwhile to wait it out.

Worth thinking about when buck hunting

Plan before the hunt starts so you know where the buck has its territory and its paths. Quite often, the same paths and areas are used every year, even if the buck is replaced. If you use a face mask and hunting gloves, you will not have to use mosquito repellent. Plan where you will sit before the hunt so you avoid that stress when you find your seat for the first time.

Good luck!