Bearbag 499 SEK 599 SEK
Gun Pass 199 SEK
Bearpack Winter 1 989 SEK
Bearcase 699 SEK
Gun Sack 269 SEK

Welcome to Bearskin, your online hunting store with hunting clothes and everything you need in hunting. With us you buy hunting racks and hunting accessories of the highest quality, developed by and for hunters. We have a large selection of hunting clothes, bags and cases and andrag hunting accessories for all hunters. 

Large selection of bags and weapon cases

The backpack is one of the accessories that is very important for the hunter. We at Bearskin have a wide range of bags and weapon cases that make the hunt smooth and safe. Our weapon cases are practical and can withstand hard grips. Check out our range of weapon backpacks for winter hunting, cases for hunting gear and bags for equipment.

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