Wild boar hunting

Wild boar hunting

Wild boar and wild boar hunting is a fairly new phenomenon in our Swedish forests. The animal has been around for quite a long time in Sweden, but then mostly in enclosures on larger goods from the beginning. Slowly but surely, the wild boar has spread from these and is now found in large numbers from around Leksand and south in the country. The wild boars migrate long distances and constantly occupy new areas even as far inland as the mountain areas, but then it is mostly boars that have migrated away to find new areas to settle in.

How to hunt wild boar?

Wild boar are hunted a little differently depending on the size of the fields and what you want to achieve with the hunt. Sows accompanied by cults are protected, while hunting is usually focused on solitary individuals.

Protection hunt in crops

The time when the wild boar does the most damage is during the summer in crops, and great effort is put into wild boar hunting in the crop to scare them away. The hunt takes place at night when the wild boar ventures out into the fields. Nowadays, it is allowed with the night vision that makes the hunt more efficient and more feasible. In the past, a method was often used that meant sneaking as close as possible to the protection of the dark to select a wild boar, turn on the light and shoot fast before the wild boar escaped from the light cone. Today it is simpler, more efficient and safer.

Wild boar hunting, bait.

Something many small landowners use when their land is too small for dog hunting is to build feeding grounds / prey to get the wild boars to visit them and be able to sample hunt from there.

Today, you can use the dark sight to simplify the hunt, which has increased efficiency but also safety.

Wild boar hunting with a dog

Wild boar hunting with a dog often takes place with a stuttering dog or offensive dog. When hunting with a standing dog, it can often be done as a lone hunt or a few hunters together. The spirit itself is that the dog puts a wild boar which the dog handler then tries to shoot on the skull, if it does not succeed then one of the pass shooters can succeed.

With a shocking dog, it happens more often with several pass shooters involved as the very meaning is that the dog bumps the wild boar / wild boar for a shorter time and then returns to the owner and seeks new game. As there are plenty of wild boars in the area and the offensive dog is active, a lot can happen for the pass shooters who participate. As wild boar are sensitive to disturbance, it is not uncommon for the larger landowners to only have a few hunts per year and quiet periods in between to make the wild wine thrive and stay on the land. Calm places where no wild boar hunting takes place and feeding near these are also a way to reduce damage to crops as the wild boars like to stay in places where they are undisturbed.

Good luck with the wild boar hunt!