Jämthund för älgjakt

Moose hunting with dog

Hunting withposing dog has many similarities with hunting with barkingbird dog. The difference is that everything is a little bigger and a little longer.

Further searches, longer persecutions and larger animals. The fact that we are hunting large animals also means that you have to wait a little longer with the actual hunting so that the dog has time to grow strong even in the head. For even if the body andhunting desire is there early, the mental part may not be as mature and developed.

The risk of something going wrong is too great, at least in our eyes. This does not mean that you have to wait to givethe dog forest habit, rather the opposite, just that a little ice in the stomach is good even if you want to get started quickly with your newhunting buddy.

From zero to a hundred

All our spitz dogs are genetically programmed to work independently and sometimes far from their handler. A typical day therefore goes from zero to a hundred and sometimes six times over. It makes demands on itequipment you have on you.Hunting is and has become more and more of a gadget sport and who can say that it is not fun with new gadgets. Over time, you also start to make quite a lot of demands on the clothes you use, they must meet a lot of criteria that we set. Tohunt with dog often means that you move a lot, often in tough terrain. It requires a lot of yoursclothes..

Quiet clothes

From previously using garments with different membranes, we have in recent years chosen to almost completely opt outthe membrane clothes against garments that are quiet, breathable and warm even though it is wet. One material that is amazing in all of these respects iswool, both as a base, intermediate and outer layer, the new modern onescalfskin clothes is perfect for the purpose. As I said, the advantages are many, but the silence in the material when you sneak up on the skull and the ability to warm up is a big plus when the moose chooses to flee and you just have to sit down on a stump and wait again. If it is half a storm and the rain is pouring down, then the membrane trousers are still on, but we often choose a light onerain jacket which is easy to stow away if the weather turns. Asintermediate storage is it still oneshirt which is because it is so easy to unbutton and roll up or down sleeves if needed.

Whichgadgets you then need to bring with you

During the hunt itself, not very much. As mentioned, the clothes are most important for the hunting day to be as comfortable as possible. In addition, there are always at least twoknives with. One to take care of the animal after a successful hunt and one to be able to cut the dry meat with when hunger sets in, water bottle or smallthermos, an extracouple (to be able to tie up a leg or connect an extra dog that suddenly appears when a moose is shot, beacons, matches, compass, map and a first bandage for both man and dog as well as a small piece of cut tape. Always trying to have only the most important things during the hunt itself. All other good to have things can remain in the car or the hunting lodge in one bag to be easily accessible and easily clear when these are needed, such as search equipment,change of clothes,arms care kit mm.

When we go likedog handlers orwanted hunters agility is a key word therefore we have chosen to have weapons with as short barrels as possible and to be able to usesilencer withoutarmed feels long and awkward.

Shit hunting!

Micke and Lisa fromThe primeval forest

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