jesper herrström i jaktkläder från Bearskin

Who are you?

Born and raised in the mountains of Jämtland, my hobbies have always been hunting and fishing. The seasons go hand in hand and I like to fish both winter and summer. With my job as a property manager and hunting manager, I get to spend most my days outdoors and in nature. I live the life that suits me absolutely best!

What is your favorite hunt?

It has mostly been the hunting I have available in the environment I live in but I think it's fun to try new things. The kind of hunt closest to my heart, however, is still hunting with a standing dog. The challenge of sneaking onto an animal is just as fun every time. Bear hunting is also a favorite. As a dog handler, you come in close contact with a potentially life-threatening animal. It's definitely a kick! In the spring, I appreciate hunting beavers. There is a calm in the hunt that I like and in the mountains you can lie and watch beavers from higher altitudes, which gives a nice nature experience.

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