Who are you?

Lisa Pekkari. I am 39 years old and have been hunting for over 10 years. I am a trained nature guide and have more or less always wandered around in the woods wherever I lived. The proximity to nature is the center of my life but the stay in the forest became more intense and more exciting when my interest in hunting awoke.

To be a hunter is to be a part of the cycle, the most natural thing there is. With that comes respect for all life, which I also want our children to have with them.

What is your favorite hunt?

Hunting, I'm a bit of an omnivore but am probably a little extra captivated by the forest bird hunt. My strongest hunting memory is thus the hunt that has come to fascinate me the most. In my eyes, the hunt for the most beautiful game in the forest, the capercaillie. My biggest dream now is to expand our family with a Finnish tip.

Otherwise I like moose hunting but it should be with a dog, I'm probably the world's worst pass shooter with zero patience, can not sit still. For me, the dog is the heart of the hunt and our dogs are family members all year round. I am also involved in hunting issues and like to fight for the equal right of all hunters to hunt with a world-class game management and respect for the game and the fantastic resource that it is.

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