Micke Pekkari i jaktkläder från Bearskin

Who are you?

Mikael Pekkari is 41 years old and has hunted almost his whole life. I still feel the same magical feeling in my body when the hunt is about to begin as I did when I was 7 years old when I followed in my father's footsteps on a moose hunt or when we went to a mountain lake to live in sheets and pimp char.

Growing up as I am with moose hunting, bird hunting and fishing, I want to give my children the same connection to nature that I feel.

What is your favorite hunt?

I'm a hunting omnivore, but moose hunting with a stray dog is what makes the heart beat extra hard. There is nothing that beats the sound of a recording that breaks the silence. The collaboration with our two greyhounds is the most fun and I really like to work, train and have the dogs with me all year round.

I have a background as a teacher and have realized again how fun it can actually be to educate people and what topic is then better to talk about than hunting or to guide a hunter out on a whole new form of hunting and maybe get to share their joy over a successful hunting.

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