Ramsus Boström i jaktkläder från Bearskin

Who are you?

50 years old. Born and raised in Värmland. From an early age I was very interested in fishing. At a farm just outside Ulvsby a mile north of Karlstad, there is a river called Alster. Here I have fished pike, perch, roach and night fishing eel.

When I was about 18, I went out on the sea and worked as a welding apprentice and then stayed on deck. The boats went between Iceland and Israel, and we stopped at almost every country along the way.

Back home in Sweden, I knew that hunting was my thing, and especially predator hunting.
Moved up to Älvdalen and has remained here since 1990. Now I am active in the clothing industry as a product developer and ambassador for Bearskin.

What is your favorite hunt?

When I got to experience hunting for the first time, my interest clearly shifted from fishing to hunting. In the beginning, my focus was on dog hunting for moose, pyre hunting for deer, pigeon hunting on the cornfields, duck hunting in the evening, skull chain for deer and moose. And it was fun and educational together with my teacher, the conservator Bengt Andersson also called "Stöpper Bengt".

When I really went ALL IN towards hunting was when I came in contact with the dog hunt. Drifting dog on deer and hare which then became hunting foxes(read more about strategies for fox hunting), badger, mink, marten, etc. Then there were larger predators with growing experience.

Rasmus Boström på rävjakt
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