Välkommen till – din jaktbutik på nätet. Hos oss hittar du jaktkläder för svensk jakt, med spesiell fokus på älgjakt, rävjakt och fugljakt. Vi har ett stort urval jaktkläder och jakttillbehör för jakt och skytte. Bearskin - allt för jakten

Fox hunting with a dog

Fox hunting with dusters and terriers is for many interested the hunting formula 1. From standing motionless for hours to suddenly getting the chance and being fired a good shot in a fraction of a second.

The duster

Most havethe duster to raise the fox and then try to shoot at the train. But it is not uncommon for the fox to go into the cauldron before you have seen it, or alternatively it lies daily outside the cauldron opening and then slips down into the hole when the duster approaches. Clearly, the frequency of train foxes increases if you have a duster that wakes up on impact, that is, it makes the fox aware of its presence which then leaves the pot / daily play. The alternative is that the duster follows the foxnight tracks silent which more surprises the fox and it tips down into the pot when the dog surprises it.

Where can you find the fox??

You can find the fox when it istrack snow, or on bare ground. On bare ground, it is a good idea to drop the duster in known places they like to have on a daily basis. These can often be near pots. If you want the increase frequency of successful releases / uptake, you can buildfoxes in places you want to find the foxes. Dense young forests and hilly terrain often increase the chance that the fox goes to bed daily after getting a bite to eat at the prey.

If you do not have a duster, you usually ring the potå fresh snow. You go to known fox haunts such as pot, barns, etc. and go a ring outside the pot. Preferably 50 meters or more from the fox haunt. Going too close to the pot often makes the fox very suspicious of approaching the pot again. Sometimes there are no fox tracks to be found around the pot for the rest of the winter, if only the fox suspects that something is wrong. Forest foxes are usually much more sensitive than village foxes who are more used to people and disturbances.

Time for the pot dog

When it has now been established with the help of the duster or with the help of the tracks that one or more foxes are in the pot, it is time for the pot dog. The stew dog's task is to seek contact with the fox and worry it so much that it finds it too good to leave the place.

A fox blaster is a dog with great mobility. That is, it seeks contact with the fox and should preferably leave it within 15 minutes, preferably 5. Once the dog has left the fox, it should try to find a new way to the fox, or get out and let himself be connected or sit with the dog handler. For most foxes, this behavior of the dog is enough for them to choose to flee the field. It can not be said enough that the less noise you make that makes the fox suspect that someone is waiting for it outside the pot, exponentially increases the chance that the fox looks out.t.

Some good advice

Do not stand in front of the pot opening, the fox often peeks out before deciding what to do. If it sees a pass shooter, it usually chooses to go in and prefers not to come out again. Should it still happen that the fox sees you so frozen to ice, not a blink may occur. Many times the fox thinks that you look so harmless that it tries its luck and sticks out. Never slide against the pot opening. Release the fox at least 2 m approx. 2 fox lengths. This is a rule that applies to beginners as well as experienced pot hunters. There are 2 reasons.r.

1. If you do not kill the fox with your shot, there is a great risk that it will not come out anymore and you will get a sadsearch on the neck.

2. If there is a potty dog inside, it can come out just behind the fox and it becomes an involuntary Double.

Last but not least the top trick!

If you are 2 people and the fox is reluctant to come out, one person takes dogs and everything that makes the fox suspicious. The person who walks away speaks loudly and stomps hard on the ground so the fox can clearly hear how everything is calm.

The pass shooter who is left must not let wind to the pot, Do not move a foot or in any way make the fox warn that you are there. And definitely do not stand in front of the pot opening. This causes many reluctant foxes to leave the security.

Shit hunting!

/Rasmus Boström

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