Bearproof Precision Kolvkamshöjare

Bearproof Precision Piston Comb Raiser!

Novelty! Bearproof Precision Piston Comb Raiser is a smart and practical solution to avoid expensive piston adjustments while hunting and still get perfect cheek contact and ensure eye adjustment for your sight.

The geometry of the piston cam lifter is designed to reduce the recoil energy transferred to the cheek. Easy to assemble, adjust and remove. It is robust and stable that is designed for all types of weather and gives a stable touch.


  • 14 Fiberglass and ultra-reinforced Polyamide 
  • Weight: 88 grams
  • Dimensions: 140mm wide, 80mm high and 50mm wide
  • Temp: Can go down to -40 without losing its flexibility. Temperature range for use -40 to - 120C.C.

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