Bearsling Black

Swedish-made product in black grain leather

The weapon strap holds 2 bullet cartridges from 6.5 55 and up.

With its ingenious construction, it can be quickly contracted from the extended position when carrying the rifle on the shoulder to the contracted position when standing on a passport. The function in the retracted position means that the weapon strap does not hang down and moves the weapon sideways, which easily becomes a full-length weapon strap when freehand shooting.

  • Developed by Rasmus Boström. Adjust your weapon strap for shooting after movement with a simple touch!
  • Reduces the hassle of shooting and gives you extra support in standing shooting.
  • Cartridge mount for 2 "plugs". Fits cartridges from 6.5 mm.
  • Fine craftsmanship. Made of grain leather. 5 year warranty

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