Dog Collar Reflex Ring 25MM

Dog collar in reflex

All products from Bearskin are made from original BioThane®

Biothane is a material that is excellent for the manufacture of products in hunting, for exactly the same reason the American army uses the material - extreme durability and durability!

It is cold-resistant and stays smoothly down to -40, BioThane does not absorb odors or moisture, so it is excellent for, among other things, dog collars and other demanding products..

All dog owners have experienced how an old and damp leather collar smells strongly of dog Or how the leash smells after being used as a game carrier, blood and other things have settled in the leash, in most cases you will find the strongly acidic leash for several days later in the jacket pocket!!

This is not guaranteed to happen if you have BioThane products®

Yellow Reflex
Orange Reflex

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