Smygjakt på älg och hjort i svenska skoger. Jaktkläder från Bearskin, utvecklat för rörlig jakt.

We believe we have found the right formula for successful hunting. It consists of preparation, knowledge, experience and eagerness to always excel. We have taken this experience from hunting into our development of clothing to create excellent hunting clothes that lasts. The hot and sunny days are often rare and most of the time the weather can play a big role in success. When we developed Nr. 1 Collection our goal was to create comfortable, high-quality and long-lasting garment - so you can focus on your hunting experience.

Our collection of inner and middle layers consists of two garments that we consider as important when you are out hunting. The constant struggle between being active and still is something we often experience. Our body temperature and sweat rise when we are active, and cools down when we sit still.

Midlayer Fleece

Wear it as a jacket or a warming midlayer, it will always give the lowest possible signature thanks to the built-in sound discipline and practical pockets. The Cordura material on the outerlayer of the pockets will protect both you and what bring with you. We have also added a layer of cordura in the collar for wear and wind protection

We wanted to create an intermediate layer that you can wear during the coldest days, but which you can also use on its own when you are not in need of outerwear. We have made sure to include all the same details in our Midlayer Fleece as in our outerwear; Pockets made for hunting equipment, colors that make you blend into the environment and of course a quiet material. We want to wear this Midlayer Fleece every day of the week!

Merinowool longsleeve

Experience the perfect combination of warmth, comfort, and natural stretch with our long-sleeved merino wool. This shirt is made of 100% merino wool, making it a reliable choice for hunters seeking a high-quality base layer.

Merino wool is excellent when it comes to insulation and heat transfer. This is something you should always wear closest to your skin - so you do not have to worry about being too hot or too cold. Our baselayer in Merinowool is simple and clean - just as it should be.

Bearskin's goal is to develop hunting clothes to perfection, so that you as a customer and hunter will feel confident that the product you buy is carefully thought out, developed and tested.

The choice of material, the design and the details on our garments are all carefully thought out so you dont have to worry.

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