Rensjakt I Norge. Jaktkläder från Bearskin med svenska jägare.
Rensjakt I Norge. Jaktkläder från Bearskin med svenska jägare.

Nr. 1 Collection

Starting with our own type of hunting, we wanted to create clothes and turn Bearskin into something we ourselves have dreamed of. Both as a brand but also as hunters.

The active hunt is close to Bearskin's heart. Hunting with dogs on moose, bears and wild boars, hunting birds with tree barkers, hunting deer and use terriers for foxes.. These are all hunts we see as a privilege in our Nordic homelands. For these forms of hunting we are in need for durable and well-thought-out hunting clothest. In addition, we want to move as quietly as we can. Most days in the woods or up in the mountains include tempo changes and varying terrain, which places high demands on breathability but also protection against the weather.

To increase the chance of a success, hunting clothes play a big role. IIt should be an asset and preferably not even labeled. They should follow your movements, help you against overheating and protect you from nature and weather. When these things work, you even out the odds for you as a hunter and the chance of game. Bearskin is proud to present the Nr 1 Collection.

Bearskin - Even the odds


In the last 1.5 years, we have gathered and combined 30 years of hunting experience together with some of the leading product developers for outdoor clothing in the world. We have spent countless hours discussing, testing and repeating what we believe can lay the foundation for the next generation of hunting clothes.

Hunting places high demands on equipment. Weather can change quickly, the terrain you move can change and the hunter's speed is increased and decreased several times during a hunt. With these aspects in mind, we have been demanding in our choice of materials and the components when creating our products. No chain is stronger than its weakest link. With our expertise and our requirements, we have chosen to work with the well-known brand Cordura.

Cordura is recognizable and conveys durability through its products. It became a natural choice for most of the No.1 Collection. The cordura fabric is made in Sweden and the clothes are sewn in Estonia.

Our shell clothes are sewn on Gelanot's material. It is the quietest material we have been able to find without sacrificing quality and durability.

Our Midlayer Fleece is made of Italian Pontetorto fleece fabric. Pontetorto is one of the world's most technical manufacturers in outdoor materials.

We have chosen YKK as our supplier of zippers as they are world leaders and probably need no further presentation.

The mix of these quality suppliers creates the basis for the No.1 Collection. Hunting clothes that lasts and become a natural part of you as a hunter. Several years ahead.


It's all in the details. Nr. 1 Collection consists of hunting clothes that are well thought throug and tested. Positioning of pockets is intended to carry everything you want to take with you during the hunt. They are also large enough to create individual adaptation.

The hoods on the jackets are extremely elaborate to be compliant with your movements. The trousers have large zippers at the feet to be able to easily take off and on boots. The trousers also have detachable bootlocks to be left in the hunting boots.

The shell clothes have a fit that should provide maximum movement. The shell trousers have full-length zippers on the legs for quick removal but also maximum ventilation. The details are many but well thought out so that you as a hunter will increase the chance of a successful hunt.

Solid colors that blend in

Nr.1 Collection consist of hunting clothes in solid colors. We have looked at a broad geographical area and tried to find the colors that are effective in as many Nordic environments as we could. Tarmac as a base color is a color we have seen blends into everything from Norwegian mountains in search of reindeer, bear hunting in Swedish Västernorrland's dense and varied terrain, the East Coast archipelago nature and in Värmland's deep green forests.

Tarmac is also used by several military units as it is considered to have the best camouflage effect among solid colors. To create contrasts, we have used nearby colors. The combination creates an even more obscure silhouette of the hunter.

The Canyon of the Golden Buck

The final test.

In the development of Bearskins Nr. 1 Collection, this was one of the most important parts of evaluation and testing. To ensure quality and function, the clothes were distributed to eight hunters. From north to south in different environments, they were tested under tough conditions. The development has taken Bearskin almost two years, with about 8 months of user tests in hunting environments. Bearskin will never compromise on tests. It is one of the most important parts of our product development. For an ultimate test, Bearskin went together with Toppenjakts Lill-Ove, Kalle Zackari Wahlström and Lex off to Norway in search for wild reindeer.

With more than 100 kilometers walking, heavy backpacks, minimal food and challenging weather, they got to test the clothes to the maximum. This is where nature rules and you as a hunter can do nothing but adapt to it if you are to succeed. With the right equipment, cooperation and good preparation, the opportunities increase and their results became more than anyone could have dreamed of. The Canyon of the Golden Buck is a documentation of Bearskin's final test and a hunting adventure few have experienced!

Bearskin also wants to thank our partners, Sako Sverige och Astro Sweden in this production and for their fantastic products.