Hunting Clothes Women

Excellent hunting clothes are crucial to have a good experience when you are hunting. When we developed a new collection for the next generation hunting clothes, it was important for us to also include the many hunters out there. There are more female hunters and we see an increased interest in hunting clothes that have a more feminine fit. We had this in mind when we created Nr. 1 Collection.

Cordura Pants Women

Our Cordura Hunting Pants for women are specially made and developed for a feminine fit.

We have made sure to include all smart features, such as ventilation and pockets made for hunting equipment. The cordura material is carefully selected and we dare say that it is the most comfortable material available with extreme durability and breathability. Our main focus has been to create the most quiet hunting pants for women ever made! And we are proud to say that we have succeeded!

Unisex models adapted to women

As hunters ourselves, we want to wear clothes for active hunting without worrying about sweat, rain or cold days. Nr. 1 Collection consists of eight carefully selected garments that we believe should be in every hunter's wardrobe. The clothes are carefully developed, tested and designed to ensure that they meet and exceed all our needs and desires.

The other garments in our Nr. 1 Collection are unisex models, and we have made sure to make sizes so that they also fit women. We have carefully tested all models to ensure that they match our goals and requirements for excellent hunting clothes. For women, we recommend that you choose a smaller size than you usually have on our unisex models.

We are proud to present our Nr. 1 Collection with unique hunting clothes and we are here to help you find the right model for your needs. We also hope to be able to present our Nr. 1 Shell Pants for women in the future, and hope you leave us a comment if you are interested in further developing our hunting clothes for women.

Bearskin's goal is to develop hunting clothes to perfection, so that you as a customer and hunter will feel confident that the product you buy is carefully thought out, developed and tested.

The choice of material, the design and the locations of the pockets on our garments are all carefully thought out so that you can carry the things you need with you during a long and sometimes uncertain hunting day.

We help you

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