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Byxor i SHORT har 5cm kortare benlängd än standardstorlek. I övrigt är de lika. 
Behöver du större vidd i byxan men har kortare kroppslängd än tabellen anger så lämpar sig SHORT byxa bra och följ då midjeviddens storlek ovan. 
Exempel; Midjevidd på 105cm och 176cm i längd = Välj storlek XXL-short.






  • Cordura Pants is specially designed for active hunters that are in need of hunting pants that are durable, mobile and with minimal sound silhoutte. Cordura Pants are extremely comfortable to wear and will last a life time.

    - Normal in size

    -Estimated delivery is April 2022

    Note:Images and videos where our products are shown may differ slightly from the product delivered. Most material is produced with the last test garments and we have since done improvements. Contact us for details.

Size: XS
Style: Normal

An asset for the active hunter

With mobility, durability and minimal sound silhouette, Cordura pants are always an asset for an active hunter. We have put the hunter in the center and produced the hunting trouser which, despite their low weight, provide enough protection and function to keep the pace high and speed forward. The color is called Tarmac and regardless of whether you crawl in the moss or run over the mountain, it should stand out minimally and give off a small silhouette regardless of hunting style or surroundings. We know how important fit, function and the interaction between hunters and equipment are.

Cordura Bib Pants - jaktbyxor för jägare

High ambitions

Cordura Hunting Pants is the definition of the optimal hunting pants. It may also be one of the better outdoor pants on the market, which is a fantastic bonus. Not feeling any limitation in mobility was a basic prerequisite. We have solved this with a continuous stretch in both fabric and thread. The cordura fabric has a stretch in itself, which means that we do not have to apply heavy and dense fabrics to get the same movement properties.

Jaktkläder från Bearskin. Renjakt med Toppenjakt och Bearskin. Cordura Bib Pants - jaktbyxor för rörlig jakt.

Challenges and solutions

As hunters, you are exposed to several different environments during a day. Climbing, walking, sitting down. If you need to change socks, the legs have been fitted with high zippers to be able to quickly tie on and off boots. The hunting pants are equipped with knee pads to protect the knees when crawling. The pockets are placed with care. If you need to eel or lie down, what you have in your pockets should not be affected. The inner phone pocket in the leg pocket holds your phone in the right place. The pants are equipped with removable bootlocks that can remain on the boots when you are indoors and do not get stuck or become uncomfortable without shoes.

Detaljer Cordura Pants - jaktbyxor från Bearskin.
Midlayer Jacket från Bearskin. Jacka specialiserad för jakt.