Cordura Jacket

Shell Jacket

Midlayer Fleece

Cordura Pants

Cordura Bib Pants

Shell Pants

Cordura Pants Woman

Pullover Shirt

Merino Wool Long Sleeve

Midlayer Fleece

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Jaktkläder från Bearskin
Jaktkläder från Bearskin

Hunting Clothes

There are many factors that come into play when going out hunting. Preparation, knowledge, experience, the weather, your equipment, your hunting team, your beloved hunting dog and above all your clothes. Bearskin's experienced team of hunters have taken all their lessons from their for countless hours out in the woods and created: Bearskin Nr. 1 Collection.

For the past 1.5 years, we have gathered and combined 30 years of hunting experience together with some of the leading product developers for outdoor clothing in the world. We have spent countless hours discussing, testing and repeating what we believe can lay the foundation for the next generation of hunting clothing

Nr. 1 Collection

Nr. 1 Collection consists of eight essential hunting clothes that we think should be in all hunters' wardrobes. The hunting clothes are carefully developed, tested and evaluated to ensure that they are quiet, durable, have good breathability and are equipped with the right details for you to succeed. As hunters ourselves, we can proudly say that we will wear these clothes for hunting without having to worry about heat, rain or cold days.


We chose Cordura as a material in most of our garments, as it has the properties that match our needs. Cordura is extremely durable and quiet and will last for many years of hunting in harsh conditions. The colors used in our clothes are also well thought out and tested in different environments to make sure you blend into the environment

Everything is in the details!

Everything is in the details! Our experienced hunters have put a lot of focus and consideration on the details of our hunting clothes. The location and size of the pockets, the location of zippers and ventilation and where the antenna for the hunting radio should go. There are many details in hunting clothes that we did not take for granted! These details are important as they can be crucial to a successful hunt. What we are trying to say is that nothing is random - there is a thought in every detail of our hunting clothes and we hope you will love them as much as we do.