Fågeljakt med trädskällare

Bird hunting is a broad collective word that concerns about 30 different bird species in Sweden that we get to hunt.

Bird hunting with a dog can be conducted with a dog that puts the game at bay dog, offensive bird dog or standing bird dog. In addition, we also use retrieving bird dogs to help us find shot birds in water and on land.

Bird dogs that put the game at bay and standing bird dogs

Bird dogs that put the game at bay

Bird hunting with this type of dog is usually referred to as Finnish tip and Norrbotten tip, but also laikor can be used with great success as a tree cellar. These types of dogs refer to forest bird hunting of capercaillies, grouse and, to a certain extent, wolverines.

Offensive bird dog

Bird hunting with offensive dog is also used successfully on forest hens, but other terrestrial bird species can also be hunted with this type of dog.

Standing bird dog

This type of bird hunting includes Pointer, vosteh and various setter breeds. The purpose of the dog is that it seeks out a bird and when it has located the bird it marks by standing in front of it. If the dog is too presumptuous, it will scare the bird and the hunter loses his opportunity to shoot. When locating the bird, this means that the dog freezes in front of him / her so that the hunter can put himself in position before he / she gives command to the dog to repel the bird. The principle is based on the bird pressing as long as it feels safe enough to dare the chance that it does not have to flee / fly.

The retriever

When hunting birds, you usually use one of the retriever breeds that are available. The dog's task is to locate and retrieve birds or, for example, rabbits that have been shot. Regardless of whether the game is on land or in the water, the dog must find, take the prey in its mouth and deliver it to the driver. The law requires that a retriever is present during duck hunting and certain other types of bird hunting.