Jaktjackor från Nr. 1 Kollektion Bearskin.I Nr. 1 Collection har vi skapa två ultimata jaktjackorna som du behöver för nästan alla typer av jakt, Cordura Hunting Jacket och Shell Jacket.
Jaktjackor från Nr. 1 Kollektion Bearskin. Nr. 1 Collection har vi skapa två ultimata jaktjackorna som du behöver för nästan alla typer av jakt, Cordura Hunting Jacket och Shell Jacket.

Nr. 1 Collection

Bearskin knows that a good hunting jacket is the key to a successful hunt. But what does it mean to have the perfect hunting jacket? When we started the development for Nr. 1 Collection we gathered 30+ years of experience in hunting and product development. We went through the absolute must haves of a hunting jacket but also what we dreamed of that did not exist in the market today.

For the Nr. 1 Collection, we have created two ultimate hunting jackets that you need for almost all types of hunting, Cordura Jacket and Shell Jacket.

Cordura Jacket

For the Cordura Hunting Jacket, our goal was to create a feather-light jacket with maximum breathability, while still being able to carry all your hunting gear.

We chose the material Cordura which is an innovative choice for hunting clothes. Cordura material is quiet, lasts a long time and breathes extremely well, which makes the material perfect for outerwear for hunting. Cordura Jacket is the base garment in our new collection. The jacket is made for active hunting and with its functions it will give you the best chance for a successful hunt. The secret of the Cordura Jacket is the combination of the strong seams, the high quality material and the knowledge and experience of our hunters. It has just the right placement of pockets and the details that will make you happy when you use it.

Shell Jacket

Our Shell Jacket is made for the rainy days. We wanted to pass our ideas from the Cordura Jacket on to a hunting jacket that keeps you dry even on the rainiest days.

We know how tough the weather conditions can sometimes be during hunting. Our shell jacket No. 1 is a hunting jacket that will keep you dry these days, while being quiet and having just the right size and placement of pockets.

Which material? We chose a material that keeps you dry but that still breathes well so that you can move without getting wet from moisture and sweat inside the jacket. We are convinced that we have created the ultimate shell jacket that you can take with you during the rainy days and that allows you to stay out even on the days when the weather is tough.

Midlayer Fleece

For the colder days, we have developed our Midlayer Fleece jacket, an intermediate layer fleece jacket that can be worn under your outerwear or on its own.

We have of course added the same details to our fleece as to our other hunting jackets: good fit, pockets made for hunting gear, the right colors to keep you hidden from the animals and a quiet material. You will love this fleece - at least we do!

We are proud

We are proud to present the hunting jackets from our Nr. 1 Collection and we are sure that they will give you many fantastic hunting experiences. The jackets are meant to contribute to success and not stand in the way of achieving your goals. We hope and believe that the hunting jackets will stay with you for a long time as a nice companion on your hunting adventures.

Bearskin's goal is to develop hunting clothes to perfection, so that you as a customer and hunter will feel confident that the product you buy is carefully thought out, developed and tested.

The choice of material, the design and the details on our garments are all carefully thought out so that you can carry the things you need with you during a long and sometimes uncertain hunting day.

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