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When can you hunt beavers?

Beaver hunting is legal in Sweden depending on where in the country you live from 1 / 10-15 / 5. So the beaver season is quite long. On the other hand, it must be said that beaver hunting is conducted in exceptional cases in April and May. In central Sweden it usually picks up when spring starts, and in our northern part of the country when ice and snow disappear.

How to hunt beavers?

Beaver hunting is actually conducted in 2 different forms of hunting, I would say, one is that you sit either outside the hut or where you see that the beaver has its foraging. There will soon be lots of twigs, gnawed tree parts and paths where the beaver travels, if it is fresh it may be worth spending time at the site.

My personal favorite is to paddle a river that is so long that you can spend the night in the open air or in a windbreak and then continue to chase forward in the morning. That's where the feeling of wilderness kicks in for me. Additional feeling is if the river has rushing sections so it will be a bit exciting during the trip.

What should I keep in mind when beaver hunting?

Beavers do not have a good eyevision, however, I would say that they see movements and contours quite well so you should definitely sit in protection and not stand out in the environment. The sense of smell is well developed and should be taken very seriously. The hearing of a beaver is what I would say much like the beaver's vision, as on a human level. So a shortlist for beaver hunting is to keep track of the wind direction.

Shot against beavers

The beaver may be hunted with class 1 and class 2 weapons, but not hail. The same bullet weapon you hunt deer with may also be used on beaver hunting. Personally, I like to use caliber 6.5 55 and then load with an ammunition called normal 5 g lead tip. When shooting beavers, I prefer to shoot at the body simply because it looks nicer, and because it has a larger impact area. If you choose to shoot beavers in the water, it is almost always a head shot to the brain that counts. My advice is to practice shooting at targets with a small matchbox or golf ball size. Add that you do it from a boat or canoe, if you hit while training, it also works in real situations. The important thing is to minimize the risk of injury shooting, because if the beaver disappears when fired, it will often be a very difficult search. It is important to think about the bullet's hit at close range, shots from watercraft are often at a distance of 15-20m, and there the bullet almost always goes below the line of sight. This means that the hit is usually low or that the bullet bounces in the water surface without hitting the beaver. Test shot on a course of 20,40,60 and 80 m so you see where it hits. A beaver's brain is small and it sticks out very little when the beaver is in the water.