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Good hunting pants are an important part of creating the best experience and for being effective when hunting. A pair of hunting trousers must be comfortable to walk in, be quiet and have good ventilation in the right places.

Together with Stephen Copp, our product developer, Bearskin has created innovative hunting clothing developed for hunters by hunters. We combined Stephen's 30 years of experience in materials and textiles with Bearskin's hunting knowledge and our wishes about design and choice of materials.

We took our basic ideas of quiet and flexible hunting pants to the next level by creating a pair of hunting pants that are so comfortable that you almost do not notice that you are wearing them,.They are so robust and quiet that we can wear them in all possible conditions out in the field. The result became fantastic hunting pants you want to wear every day of the week and which will never limit you in your hunt.

We are proud to present our new hunting pants!

Cordura Pants

For active hunting, we saw the need for a pair of new trousers that are easy to wear, have a unique breathability, dries quickly and can handle tough conditions. This became the basis for Cordura Pants.

As active hunters, we wanted a material that does not put restrictions on our mobility and which is as quiet as possible. A hunting trousers that are so light that it feels like you are not wearing them, which at the same time meets all our needs. Cordura Pant is the lightest and fastest drying hunting pants we have ever developed. It is so robust and quiet that we can carry it for all types of hunting. We have made sure to place the pockets exactly where you need them and made ventilation in the right places. For the Cordura Pants we have made sure to include all possible details so that you can focus on the experience of hunting!

Shell Pants

Shell Pant keeps you dry while being extremely quiet.

Bearskin's philosophy and focus is to develop products that will keep you dry on wet days, cool on hot days and warm on cold days. We know that most days out in the woods can often be wet and cold, when walking through mud and bogs it is important to stay dry so that you can continue for many hours. When we started developing Shell Pants, we had the same demands for silence and comfort, but with an extra waterproof layer. We can proudly say that we succeeded in this task! Shell Pant keeps you dry while being extremely quiet.

Cordura Bib Pants

We are proud to present Bib Pant, our overalls hunting pants. A result of many hours of discussions, tests and user experiences.

What do you get when you combine hunters, visionaries and world-leading designers? We reset ourselves in relation to what we had previously created and what we were impressed by. We took our team's experiences from sport fishing, carpentry, hiking and of course hunting and shaped something new. With the hunting trousers Cordura Bib Pants, you can carry all your hunting gear. It is suitable for everything from mile-long days in the mountains in search of wildlife but also during tough and sweaty days as a dog handler for bears and moose. It is the most quiet overalls for hunting ever created while also being robust and quick-drying. We love these hunting pants - and hope you will love them too!

Cordura Pants Woman

We also made sure to make a women's version of the hunting pants in a more feminine fit with the same quality and details.

Bearskin has defined everything we need and want in the perfect pair of hunting trousers. Placement of the pockets and the choice of material are to us really important, regardless of whether it is our Cordura Bib Pants (overalls) or our Shell pants (rain pants). All hunting pants have one thing in common and that is that we have put a lot of energy into developing products that we are proud of. Each pair of trousers has been tested by scandinavian hunters.

Bearskin strives to develop clothes to perfection, so that you as a customer is ensured that the product you bought is carefully thought out and tested before we release it. When you put on a pair of Bearskin`s hunting pants, regardless of model, we ensure you that our team has put a lot of time and focus on the product, from the drawing board to esting the products during hunting for a long time. The pockets' locations on our garments are carefully thought out so that you can carry the things you need with you during a long and sometimes uncertain hunting day. We have done everything to be sure that our hunting pants meet the expectations you have for a premium product delivered by Bearskin.

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