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Are you going to buy your first hunting equipment?

Ska du köpa din första jaktutrustning?

 Tips and tricks for choosing your first hunting equipment

First of all, I would advise you to listen to what everyone says but think a bit about the advice you get. It has helped me a lot in acquiring everything from hunting equipment to choosing a dog through life and the times I have chosen the wrong stuff, it is usually that I listened to advice without thinking about how the person uses their equipment that gave me advice.

My first hunting equipment as a beginner - what should I choose? Primarily. Quality always pays off. Bad hunting clothes, binoculars that change the hit image, weapons that throw shots. The list goes on. Usually you get what you pay for, it's that simple.


Selection of hunting equipment

Start by defining the need based on terrain and the form of hunting you will practice the most. For example, if you spend time on mobile hunting such as being a dog handler or stealth hunting, it is an advantage to have quiet hunting clothes with good breathability. I personally exclude membranes in my clothes during this hunt so as not to get wet from the inside. If you will alternatively spend the most time as a pass shooter or guard hunter, a waterproof alternative may be preferable. You move less but can be seated in tough weather without being able to interrupt or protect yourself in any other way than through the clothes you are wearing. When you are not moving, no sounds are created that can affect your hunting. There are no completely silent membrane clothes to be found. Full-colored or camouflage is a matter of taste, but remember to cover, for example, hands and face when, for example, bird hunting. When choosing the first hunting equipment for beginners - remember that contrasts are visible!

Choice of weapons and targeting

At the beginning of my hunting career, I got a drill from my father when I turned 18. My hunting equipment as a beginner - it would be equipped with a binocular sight and hook mounting. The advice I received was to buy a, for me, expensive binoculars sight at the time, a Leupold 1-5. After a short time, I realized that I needed a binocular sight with more magnification to be able to shoot at the top bird. When I thought about why I chose this sight from the beginning, I came to the conclusion that I talked to deer hunters and not people who hunted birds and needed more magnification. It has helped me later in life with my purchases.

Define the need and find the balance between the cost of weapons and firearms. Caliber that can be good for all-round hunting, I would say is 6.5x55 or 308. 30-06 has gone a bit out of trend in recent years. Of these, there are some good weapons on the secondary market that may be worth checking out.


Choice of other hunting equipment for beginners

If you bought a weapon, either new or used, the budget for a built-in piston cam booster may not be enough. To get the system in relation to the binocular sight perfect, you can then supplement the weapon with a removable piston cam lifter. Furthermore, in your hunting equipment, it is a matter of taste if you want to carry a lot or a little. Regardless, a backpack is something I personally prefer. Feel free to fill it with support clothes, food and of course a thermos of coffee!



Rasmus Boström

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